Only a Duke or Laird Will Do

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In this exciting collection of romances featuring noblemen and their ladies, USA Today bestselling and Award Winning authors Allie Mackay and Brenda Jernigan have again come together to bring you four full-length romance novels that will whisk you into a world of chivalry and honor, burning desires and forbidden passion. You’ll escape to castles and country manor homes, but also rugged hills, windswept moors, and even vast, icy seas. Whether in a medieval great hall, a Regency ballroom, or the danger-fraught wilds of the New World, the heroes and heroines you’ll meet in these pages will bring to life all the romance and adventure of times long past.

One-time critique partners and still lifetime friends, Allie and Brenda were avid readers and lovers of history before they ever reached for a pen.

Over nearly two decades, they’ve written and published many books, making a few lists and winning a lot of awards on the way. The romance industry has changed in recent years, but they both agree that, to those who appreciate the wonder of books, it isn’t the form that matters, but the stories.

If a tale comes to life and sweeps the reader away, it doesn’t matter if a page is turned or an e-reader, scrolled.

What counts is that the characters win reader hearts and use their page space to prove that no obstacle is too great for true love.

In Only a Duke or Laird Will Do, proud and bold English dukes and fierce, equally proud Highland lairds are paired with strong, spirited heroines. Thanks to the writers’ ink, these couples will fall hopelessly in love, battle and conquer seemingly insurmountable odds, confront a bit of myth and magic here and there, and ultimately reach their happy-ever-afters.

The four books in this collection are among the authors’ personal favorites. And they are delighted to escort readers who yearn for a true romantic escape into the passionate stories they’ll find in the pages of Only a Duke or Laird Will Do.