Southern Seduction

There is nothing like Seduction.

Finalist Bookseller’s Best Award
Finalist Bookseller’s Best Award


“Treachery and the excitement of a duel give readers much to keep their interest going. How does Travis handle it when he learns Brooke was a courtesan? Will they discover who and why someone is trying to kill them? I enjoyed reading about their adventures and the different characters who mold their futures. I high recommend this novel. Brenda Jernigan is a very talented author.”  Fresh Fiction – Kay Quintin

Love Only Once

They say that you Love Only Once.  Check it out.

Bitter Betrayal – Jonathan Hird wants sweet revenge on Elizabeth Trent for leaving him at the altar.  After a couple of years at sea, Jonathan returns and forms the perfect plan for sweet Revenge.




Cowboy Book Shipment

It never gets old seeing your books for the first time.  Here is a shipment of UNTIL SEPTEMBER.  That’s one good looking Cowboy!  Do you agree?  Here are a couple of reviews.

2003 Maggie Finalist

2003 Holt  Medallion FinalistDSC00973BrendaKJernigan_UntilSeptember_200px 

“A spellbinding novel by a bright new talent.” — Joan Johnston – New York Times Bestselling Author

“I really like a book that’s sexy and exciting to read — you get that and so much more here.” — Tammie Ard, Reviewer – Old Book Barn Gazette

“This is an amazing glimpse into America’s past. Do I recommend this story? OH, YES!” — 5-Stars Detra Fitch – Huntress Reviews

Southerners and Tea

DSC00946As you know, I was on vacation in Canada.  We have learned that the North doesn’t like ice tea as much as we do down in the South.  So when we got to Vancouver, Canada we went to eat at an Italian restaurant.  I asked if they had ice tea and they did!  Yipee.  And it was good tea – I even ask for a refill.  However, who would have dreamed that they charged $4.50 a glass for tea and even for the refill.  So that means I had $9.00 worth of tea at dinner.  That’s some expensive tea.  What do you think?