Love Only Once


Elizabeth Trent knew she was meant to marry Jonathan Hird, the dashing soldier who had miraculously returned from war, wounded but alive.  And though his kisses thrilled her and his tender touch made her feel completely loved, she was leaving him at the altar.  A terrible secret kept her from going through with her vows.  All she could do was pray that he’d forgive her… that fate would one day bring him back to her.


Jilted and humiliated, Jonathan went to sea where a pirate’s life made him bitter and cruel.  Now he is back in England, where his best friend has begged him to help marry off his headstrong sister–Elizabeth Trent.  At first, Jonathan refuses, but then, from the anger in his soul, he devises plan:  to find Elizabeth the worst husband in Britain … if only he can keep himself from wanting her all over again.


5 Stars – “Fast paced and so full of suspense I could not put it down!  Don’t begin reading this one until you have plenty of time or you may find yourself forgetting all your plans so you can see what happens on the next page.  Highly recommended reading from an outstanding author!”  EXCEPTIONAL- Reviewed by Detra Fitch- HUNTRESS BOOK REVIEWS

 “The powerful love between Elizabeth and Jonathan is a JOY TO BEHOLD and LIFTS READERS’ HEARTS”  SENSUAL**** ROMANTIC TIMES MAGAZINE

 “Ms. Jernigan’s portrayal of Elizabeth and Jonathan drew me into their lives and made me really care what happened to them.  As usual her characters are interesting, her plot action packed, and her love story filled with conflict and emotion.  A great read from a talented writer.  It is also nice to meet Adam and Jewel and all the other characters from THE DUKE’S LADY.” ***** RENDEZVOUS MAGAZINE

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