Until September

The finest doctors in Manhattan have told Claire Holladay she’d be lucky to live until September. Determined to savor every moment, the beautiful young journalist hides her illness and head for the open Skies of Denver, escorted by her uncle’s trusted employee, handsome ex-outlaw Billy West. En route, she survives kidnapping by gunslingers, thanks to Billy’s daring rescue, but soon faces something even more dangerous: love. Billy’s touch makes her yearn to surrender, but the secret she holds can only break both their hearts.

… And dream of tomorrow.

Billy knows Claire is way out of his league the first time he sees her. She’s Beautiful, cultured and way too rich for his blood. But somewhere between New York and Denver, she steals his heart. Somehow, he has to make Claire take a chance on a man with nothing to his name-and show her how love can work miracles that last a lifetime.


2003 Maggie Finalist

2003 Holt  Medallion Finalist 

“A spellbinding novel by a bright new talent.” — Joan Johnston – New York Times Bestselling Author

“I really like a book that’s sexy and exciting to read — you get that and so much more here.” — Tammie Ard, Reviewer – Old Book Barn Gazette

“This is an amazing glimpse into America’s past. Do I recommend this story? OH, YES!” — 5-Stars Detra Fitch – Huntress Reviews 

I love the characters and it’s one of those books that leaves you smiling and feeling good.  You have a winner in this book.”  Cindi Streicher, RWA Bookseller of the Year. 

“Until September is definitely Brenda’s BEST book so far.  I’ll be looking forward to the next one and the next one.  Claire and Billy have earned their places in my heart.”  Merry Cutler – Annie’s Book Shop 

“Ms Jernigan writes with such passion for her characters, that they come alive for the reader.  The plot setting are accurate and very believable and will make you feel as if you were right there in the stagecoach.  I truly enjoyed this book and can’t wait for the next book in the series to come out.  This is a definite keeper!”  Deb Kepler – A Romance Review 

“Ms Jernigan’s storytelling provides a vivid picture of the old civilized east and the new untamed west.  Tension rules as Claire and Billy experience life–threatening train robbery and passionate love.”  DBB – Rendezvous Magazine 

5 Stars – WOW! All through the book I kept thinking to myself that the diagnosis had to be wrong. No author in her right mind would do this to the heroine of the story! But I had forgotten the fact that Brenda K. Jernigan is one wily author. This is one writer who could take the impossible and make it possible! So how does it turn out? Is the diagnosis correct? Will Claire live until September? Well, you will just have to read the story to find out. This is an amazing glimpse into America’s past. The author added bits of history, such as a cameo by John Roebling as he began showing his plans on building the Brooklyn Bridge to possible financiers and by Wild Bill Hickok. Do I recommend this story? OH, YES! ***** Detra Fitch – Huntress Reviews

“Until September is why Ms. Jernigan consistently remains one of the best authors around.” — Harriet Klausner – #1 Reviewer Amazon 

“Fans who relish a deep historical tale will appreciate the depth that Brenda Jernigan gives to her poignant tale. The romantic subplot is handled with dexterity, as neither of the fully developed lead characters wants such an emotion at this time in their lives. Don’t assume the climax because whether the diagnosis proves correct will require reading the novel as the audience will not know until the end. This in part is why Ms. Jernigan consistently remains one of the best authors around.” Harriet Klausner

Until September, a rich peek at human emotions, when to reach out, when to pullback and when to hang on. — Julie Sturgeon – Pages Magazine


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