The Devil’s Laird

The White Witch

         As Lady Siena stands on a platform waiting to die, she realizes that she has been doomed from the day she was born.  She doesn’t believe she is worth anything, much less love.  Her own people believe she is cursed.  Siena’s only true blessing is the gift of sight.

The Devil’s Laird

Roderick, Warlord of Kirkurd, is driven by revenge and guilt.  When his holding was attacked, his wife ravished and slain, and his son missing, the goodness within Roderick died.  He is now known as the Devil’s Laird.

The Meeting . . .

Roderick saves Siena from the hangman’s noose and takes her back to his castle.  Siena sees a lonely, haunted man who needs her.  But no matter how hard she tries, she cannot completely break down the barrier Roderick has constructed around his heart, nor shake the curse of bad luck that his people believe she carries.  Only the Holy Grail can prove if she is good or evil.

When Siena sacrifices herself to free Roderick’s son, Roderick realizes that he has lost his chance to love again.  Now he will move heaven and earth to find her before it is too late.


“Outstanding! Jernigan delights with her special brand of romance and adventure, this time adding the danger and excitement of medieval Scotland, along with just enough magic to thrill fans of the genre. The Devil’s Laird is a keeper.”
~ Sue-Ellen Welfonder, USA Today Bestselling Author of award-winning Devil in a Kilt

“I couldn’t get enough of Roderick and Siena’s story. A page-turner from beginning to end!  Fleshed out, wonderful characters that had me rooting for them from page one!”
~Paula Quinn, NYT Bestselling Author & USA Today Bestselling Author of Forbidden Heart.

“Historical romance at its best!  Brenda Jernigan’s The Devil’s Laird is a must-read if you love medieval Scotland!”
~New York Times Bestselling Author Lori Handeland Author of Just Once

“Jernigan sweeps you away into breathtaking settings, magical plots, multi-dimensional characters, brilliant dialogue with swoon-worthy saviors, and a heroine with a magical heart!  This includes sizzling hot passionate love scenes that absolutely makes your pulse race and temperature rise! An enchanting novel that I absolutely loved!”
 ~ Barb Massabrook – The Tartan Book Reviews

“An enjoyable, shorter read with an endearing heroine and appealingly gruff hero.  I enjoyed it a lot, and I actually had time to read a book (not Audiobook)!  This was a nice way to spend some time reading.” ~Danielle – The Book Huntress  Affaire de Coeur Magazine

“The first story I have read by this author and it was great.  Tyranny, cruelty, suspicion, magic, adventure, kindness, and love all rolled into a great story.” ~Avid Reader – Goodreads    4 stars

“Loved it!  Lots of action, Highland justice, a hunky laird, magic and a love story….what more could you want?  The villains are despicable, the servants are loyal and some of the clansmen are a hoot.  This book starts off at a run and doesn’t stop until the last page.  If you like Scottish romances, you will definitely want to read this story.” ~Jayne Butcher – Goodreads  5 stars

“The author does a superb job in keeping the flow of the storyline fresh and interesting.  I would definitely recommend this book.” ~Vicky – Goodreads  4 stars

“Incredibly good.  I love the way it progressed from the issue of who/what she was to figuring out how to do it.  Sienna was a great way to see if she could find the boy.  The story arc was interesting to listen to.  Roderick is an exceptionally good example of what a strong laird should be.” ~ Heidi Karpen – Goodreads – 5 stars 

“Great story!  Siena is a powerful heroine.  She saves not only herself but Roderick, his son, and his entire clan.  She is selfless and pure of heart.  Roderick is her perfect hero.  He doesn’t believe he has it in him to love which makes all he does even better.  It has some lighthearted and fun moments but is also filled with emotional ones.” ~ Suzette – Goodreads – 5 stars

 “The Devil’s Laird gives the reader some steamy moments and tenderness they are looking for.  Being a reader fond of adventure, a bit of magic, and supporting characters with character, I thoroughly enjoyed this read.” ~Maria Azinger – Goodreads – 5 stars

“The Devil’s Laird is a historical romance that has a little bit of everything…a taste of the paranormal, a quest for the Holy Grail, and an insta-love happily ever after.  Would recommend it to fans of this genre!” ~NhaughtyV – Goodreads – 4 stars

“This is a highlander book I never knew I needed but now cannot live without.  I feel down the historical romance genre this summer and love highlander books the best.  The story between Siena and Roderick is wonderful, you feel the pull on both sides, and that there are hints of legend and lore is just the icing on the cake.  I just finished reading this and don’t want to give away any spoilers but know that this is a wonderful story come to life and I can’t wait to read by Ms. Jernigan. I couldn’t put it down and read it in one night.”~Alisue – Goodreads – 5 stars

“I can’t say enough about this fantastic book.  I was sucked into the action and drama from the very first page.  I loved Siena so much she had so much to learn about herself, she also would do all in her power for others.  Roderick was a larger-than-life character and I think he was awesome.  I couldn’t stop reading till the end.  I wanted more.” ~Loreli Jessee – Goodreads 5 stars

The Devil’s Laird– 4 ½ Stars    

“This is just a wonderful Scottish historical tale told splendidly!  The novel has lots of action, wicked humor and brilliant dialogue.  The story is filled with unique plot twist and memorable characters that will stay with the readers long after the book is finished!” ~Roslynn Ernst  InDtale Magazine  Read more  at InDtale Magazine’s-laird













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