It’s September


It was the wrong time … It was the wrong place …to fall in love. BrendaJernigan_SeptemberStorm_200px

When Danielle Kapur, an advertising rep in San Antonio, decides to fly to Sea Horse Island, North Carolina, she figures two things might happen –she will have one last fling with her ex-fiancé who she hasn’t seen in eighteen months or they will figure out their problems and live happily ever after.  She wants someone who will commit–not another playboy.  What she doesn’t expect is to drink too much and wake up in bed with a stranger.

Adrian Massimino, CEO of Mass Enterprises, stands on the balcony of his beachfront home staring at the dark clouds massing on the horizon.  This is typical of the way his life was been going lately:  a beautiful new home, a white sandy beach, and it’s going to rain like hell all weekend.  At least he doesn’t have a nagging female eager to get her hands on his money.  He’s had one cheating wife.  From now on he’s going solo–no string attached.