Trip to New York

I had a chance to go to NYC in January before the snow storm hit.  It was actually my Christmas present.  Had a lot of good food.  Did a lot of walking.  We went to Ground Zero and that is something to see.  If you have not had a chance to go be sure to do so when you next visit NYC.  The first picture is at one of our favorites – John’s Pizza.  My goodness  they have GREAT pizza.   The second picture is one of the fire trucks that was at the twin towers when they went down – that is the cab of a ladder truck.  The third picture is from the basketball game at the Garden.

We were also there to see Coach K get his 1000 victory.  Yeah!

Now I really need to get back to writing that next book.IMG_1519IMG_1559IMG_1605  Hope everyone is reading a good book.

Southerners and Tea

DSC00946As you know, I was on vacation in Canada.  We have learned that the North doesn’t like ice tea as much as we do down in the South.  So when we got to Vancouver, Canada we went to eat at an Italian restaurant.  I asked if they had ice tea and they did!  Yipee.  And it was good tea – I even ask for a refill.  However, who would have dreamed that they charged $4.50 a glass for tea and even for the refill.  So that means I had $9.00 worth of tea at dinner.  That’s some expensive tea.  What do you think?